The big BATALA world

About mundo BATALA

BATALA bands in 15 countries

Worldwide there are 30 BATALA groups, which are located in the USA, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. We are all united through the BATALA rhythms which are played the same way everywhere. With this concept all the groups from different countries are able to come and play together for bigger events, such as the legendary Notting Hill carnival in London, the biggest afro carnival in Brazil, in Salvador de Bahia and also the “BATALA encontros”. The encontro is hosted annually by a different BATALA band in a different city and is like a family meeting of all BATALA groups.


BATALA performing at the Notting Hill carnival, London


BATALA history

The name BATALA is a combination of the phrase "bateu lá" meaning "hit there" in Portuguese and Obatalá (Oxalá), the Candomblé  deity who is the father of the Orixas and of all humanity.

BATALA originates in Salvador de Bahia in North Eastern Brazil and was formed by Giba Gonçalves in Paris in 1997. Giba is the maestro of the BATALA sound, which he composed after the style of his home town Salvador. He formed a 60-piece drumming band in Paris, called it BATALA, and encouraged anyone with an interest in his music to form their own BATALA group under his name.

BATALA currently has over 30 groups in 15 countries and a worldwide membership of over 1,000 percussionists who all play the same rhythms. Samba reggae compositions with noted African influences beaten out on four different types of drum. The result is raw, hypnotic combination of emotion, beats and rhythm.

BATALA’s success is illustrated in its impressive CV: The Notting Hill carnival in London, World Cup 1998 in France, Rotterdam carnival, to name but a few and also played at the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert in New Jersey.

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